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Neutral Cotton on Wood or Canvas

Neutral Cotton on Wood or Canvas


Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, my dad was and is a cotton farmer and cotton has always been a huge part of my life!! So of course I had to paint cotton! I love making these cotton bolls and they have been a big hit in my neck of the woods! They have tons of texture.


I have accented in gold leaf and sprinkled on pieces of glass to give even more depth and covered in a resin to give a gorgeous glassy sparkle. They are made on wood around 6”x6” or 8”x8” and 2" thick. They have a hook on the back but, could also stand on their own. They would look great on a bookshelf as a colorful accessory for any room. These are made to order so you will not be getting this exact one but it will be close. I'm doing them in 2 different sizes.


If you would rather have it on canvas...I can make it on a 6”x6” or 8” x8” deep canvas and it will cost $5 more just choose your material during checkout.




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